Dear New Friend

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Dear New Friend,

I see you over there, not knowing where to put your hands.  Once all of these other people go away, I’d love to come over and introduce myself.  Maybe even sit awhile.  Let’s freeze time together.

I’ve met my very best friends this way, during cold turkey, brave heart moments. Knowing it is of the Lord.

As I tug on my sweater I might tell you how I spent my weekend fumbling with power tools to build baby mobile centerpieces for a friend’s shower.  That, to my relief, none collapsed until the party had ended.

I might tell you that I clean my house by stuffing everything into my closet, or that I can’t decide how short to go for my next haircut.

I might tell you about growing up in the giant sandbox of Saudi Arabia and how any day below 70 degrees is Freezing Cold.

I might tell you how I finally trusted Jesus after a great heartbreak and giving up on the “try hard” life.

Or that I quit my fancy job as a lawyer to go on mission trips, completely freaking out my parents.

I might tell you about meeting my husband and our whirlwind romance of purple sunsets and Indian rooftops.

I might tell you I am currently selling a black leather hand-shaped chair, Step #749 in the five year process of transforming his former bachelor pad into Home Sweet Home.

I might tell you that the toddlers rolling on the floor over there are mine and, yes, they are always that active.

I might ask you if you are addicted to Starbucks (me too), if you read Kate Morton (me too), or if you consider a bowl of cereal a complete meal (me too).

After a long while, I might tell you that I love writing, how it forces me to think and sit still, how I use pen and paper, smearing ink all over my left hand.  How I scratch out, draw arrows, and, how once I’ve got it right, it feels carved there forever.  Which makes me so happy.

Or I might not.  But I truly hope that I would.

It’s so nice to meet you….


14 thoughts on “Dear New Friend

  1. Yes, let’s freeze time, for just a little while 🙂

    This is so beautiful, you truly have a gift for writing.

  2. You are a lovely writer!

    And this: I might tell you about growing up in the giant sandbox of Saudi Arabia and how any day below 70 degrees is Freezing Cold.

    I think needs the qualifier that any (modern) building in the Gulf is always below 70 degrees because of their love of A/C! ha ha! Or at least that’s my experience over the last decade and a half that I’ve been going there 🙂

    I came so close to also growing up in Saudi – so fascinating to me since God instilled in me a love for that part of the world before I ever even knew how close my family came to raising me there! I didn’t end up there thanks to my family, I just go to that region on my own!

    I’d love to sit and talk in person – there’s so much on your list that we have in common! I look forward to following your blog and am so glad you linked to FMF so I found it today 🙂

    • Leese, you are so right about the A/C! So true! I had forgotten that. 🙂 What has brought you back to Saudi so many times? It’s not exactly a country where you can just “drop in.” You are the first person I’ve met in a LONG time who shares this with me; Yes, I would love to talk more! Jumping over now to read your blog. Thanks!!!

      • Well, I’ve not gotten to Saudi yet…just right across the causeway to Bahrain (and a few other places). Bahrain is near and dear to my heart!

        I would LOVE to find a way to “drop in” – and actually had it routed so I would transit through and then take a bus across the causeway, but then the flights changed and I had to go another way…so I’m still working on it. Ha ha. I LOVE that part of the world and would love to be able to go there longer term, it just hasn’t seemed to be what God has for me right now, so I settle for trips as often and as long as I can pull off for now 🙂

        Actually, a few of my art pieces that I’m posting for “T” are a first step toward my goal of a way to get to go (to SA) at some point.

        But the A/C…TOTALLY ridiculous! And now that it’s almost weird to dress more conservatively in the neighboring Gulf states, and even 3/4 sleeve tops that aren’t necessarily super long are totally acceptable and far less attention grabbing than the more conservative clothes expats always used to wear, I REALLY freeze. Or when you’ve got short sleeves under something longer and walk in someone’s house and it’s women only so everyone uncovers…BRRR!! 🙂

        So excited to have found your blog – still smiling about it today!

      • My dad used to take me on bus rides to Bahrain because there was a roller skating rink there! Such special memories! (We lived there in the 80’s.) Looking forward to your “T” post, Leese! 🙂

      • Gave up in trying to comment back to you b/c I was writing too much and kept losing my comment. Ha ha. Emailed you (I hope to the write address) 🙂

      • Thank you for reminding me! I got it and read it and this week has been…crazy. And so I didn’t delete any of my emails about comments until I started replying, which means your email got stuck in the middle of those and I’ve not gotten back to you!

        I will over the weekend! 🙂

        I still can’t believe the fun sense of humor God has and how He’s allowed some crazy connections thanks to the blog world! You’re one of the ones I’m so glad He, in His infinite wisdom, decide to orchestrate our lives crossing paths!

        I hadn’t blogged about it yet, but you may have seen another blogger mention it in the comments on (I think it was post K) an earlier post – Found Art is a book you’d probably appreciate for many of the reasons I did.

        The author is someone I know and she wrote it about her time living in Bahrain while her husband was deployed there as as seal. Actually, I know she’s been working on another one while they were just over there again the last year or so. She’s captured some of the charming and quirky and frustrating aspects of life in that part of the world and found beauty in the midst of it.

        Ok…I WILL get back to you by email. I’m just about done replying to comments and so then I can get to emails! I’m going to have some time in the car tomorrow, so it may be then! 🙂 All the fun little things we have in common just make me smile to think about it! Look forward to ‘talking’ more!

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