The Horse

News last week triggered a tailspin, the white-knuckle kind that leaves a burn in your chest and grit in your teeth.  Black Hat Fear has been lurking and my heart is weary from moonlit porch vigils, hours of shotgun-toting snarls into the dark, “Get Off My Land.”

Sometimes I need to change scenes and get dizzy on purpose.

Hem in where Fear holds no ticket.  Hear the gate clink behind me, pick my horse based on lane and favorite color.

Wave and wave and wave at my people, who thrill to see me happy, dimples finally showing.

I’ll ride ’til I realize I’m no longer pretending, feel the peal of the pipe organ coax out wild Hope, and lean into the lure of certain Joy — all of these bright bells and whistles just for me.


Watch here and smile wide with me today?

Credits: Photo 1; Photo 2

*Joining Amber C. Haines at as she leads a group of writers through her Concrete Abstractions series, writing out spirit through concrete things in life.  Today’s word, HORSE. 


14 thoughts on “The Horse

  1. I loved this! You have a real rhythm and lyricism to your words. Sometimes I just need to get dizzy on purpose, too.

    Much love!

  2. This is so darn funny. Love it. And what a flood of memories. We spent lots of time getting dizzy on our old merry-go-round in my home town. Thanks for the poetic in your words and laughter this day. BLessings….

  3. Allison, I LOVED the chosen joy of this. The wide smile for your people. This line — “Hem in where Fear holds no ticket. Hear the gate clink behind me, pick my horse based on lane and favorite color.” The freedom, the stepping in…so good. Thank you for the video, too. I smiled big. Can’t wait to show my people. 🙂

  4. Changing scenes. Getting dizzy on purpose? Yes. Me too my friend. I linked with Amber also, and I am so glad to read your words here today. Nice to meet you. 🙂

    • It is interesting to me to look at life like writing, instead of only writing about life. Leading with the words we run through our mind and heart. I’m glad you came by here today!

  5. I just adore our Lord’s sense of humor as I was reading this weeks posts on horses!! To think that He created all our different thoughts and memories on horses. This is delightfully beautiful and funny! Thank you soooo… much for sharing your wonderful sense of humor. Blessings

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